Marc Denayer: ‘Tailor-made courses, with impact’

With over 25 years’ experience working for a number of different international pharmaceutical companies, Marc Denayer has called in several trainers in his career, mostly in relation to the Drug Safety and Medical Affairs departments, where his employees regularly face a wide variety of challenges. ‘Bart shows them how to tackle these successfully.’

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Sofie Vergult (Atlas Copco): ‘Employees are more confident in training groups’

As vice president of HR of Power Technique Service of Atlas Copco, Sofie Vergult’s responsibilities at the division in Wilrijk include coaching. The company stimulates knowledge sharing between employees, who act as each other’s coaches. To improve their skills, Sofie asked BrainTrain to deliver a ‘Train the Trainer’ course. ‘Bart’s approach has already produced results.’

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What do the participants say?

I contacted Bart to teach me how to give better feedback. My expectations were more than met. Bart taught me several techniques to keep my emotions in check, communicate clearly and avoid upsetting other people when giving negative feedback.

Krystyna Krywen, Language Consultant - Agataal Taalopleidingen

Bart is an enthusiastic trainer with an original, surprising approach. What’s more, as a coach, he is empathic, goal-oriented and to the point. He is able to effortlessly motivate people to work on their personal development.

Sabine Ballet, HR & Office Manager – Atlas Copco Rental

Bart is a very competent trainer and coach who is able to capture the attention of a demanding and critical audience. He is enthusiastic, creative and passionate about his profession. On top of this, he has a great sense of humour and works in a customer-focused way. I wholeheartedly recommend his courses!

Fabienne Renders, Learning & Development Consultant

Bart is able to quickly and correctly assess complex workplace relationships and does this with exceptional integrity. He provides concrete tools to get the best out of a situation or organisation. Bart is the perfect embodiment of the combination of analytical thinking and creativity.

Veroniek De Mulder, CEO – ODTH First Class Logistics

As a manager, I wanted to gain a better insight into the relationships between colleagues and managers and learn to give clear directions. Bart’s course has helped me build clear structures and maintain an overview with a focus on ‘change’. I also learnt to apply the power of empathy. A real eye-opener!

Sven Polfliet, Sales Engineer - Hyline

Bart’s course was not only a very good refresher but also provided lots of valuable new insights. I have been able to apply the techniques, models and concepts I learnt straightaway.

Daniel Howett, Coach Klantendienst – Van Gansewinkel

Bart’s course met my expectations 100% and I have also been able to apply what he has taught me in my everyday work environment. I also learnt surprisingly interesting aspects about change management and business vision. Plus, I have gained a greater awareness of my personal pitfalls.

Bruno De Geest, Manager ICT Applicaties – ZNA

My main reason for taking Bart’s course was to expand my own vision of leadership. I learnt to finetune my skills and have gained a better awareness of the impact of feelings in communication. Thanks to the concrete tools Bart provided, I can now deal with feedback in a more structured way. In short: the whole process was a very enriching experience!

Rik Wynants, Coach - Actos Consulting

My main goal was to learn how to formulate proper, quality feedback. Thanks to the many exercises and tips, I now give feedback in a direct, assertive way.

Karine Vandermosten, FOD P&O

I wanted to learn how to deal with verbal aggression and how to finish a conversation when other people want to be right. Thanks to the concrete tips provided, my expectations were more than met.

Anneleen Mannaerts, Medewerkster - Brusselse gemeenschapscentra

My experience of Bart? His tools, material and style are those of a real professional. Bart is a very competent trainer who gets the best out of people, regardless of their background and motivation. He does this with a combination of knowledge, energy and a great sense of humour.

Marc Neyrinck, Consultant - AddBusiness

I went to Bart to get tips on conducting performance appraisals, because they were sometimes awkward. Bart totally met my expectations. I was given concrete tools, both with regard to preparation and execution. Today, I not only start from my own point of view but also from the employee’s. I can now also motivate them to be more aware of their own choices and potential consequences.

Karen Declercq, Diensthoofd - CM Leuven

Bart is a creative and dynamic trainer who challenges your brain to think at a higher creative level. Guaranteed result!

Cathy Camertijn, Chief - Lessnow

How can I give feedback in a correct, kind way? That is the question I took to Bart. His course was enriching: I learnt how to give bad news, how to give good feedback and what conservation techniques to use when doing so.

Anouk Courtin, Verantwoordelijke communicatie - VLIR-UOS

Bart is an excellent trainer and coach. Time and again, he is able to make a difference and deliver, whether on a one-to-one basis or one-to-many. A top-class professional, who speaks three languages on top of that. I have rarely worked with someone who continuously performs at such a high level.

Jan Mertens, Headhunter & Recruiter ICT Sales - Partner G-Consult & Service NV

To me, Bart is an exceptional trainer. When I first met him, I thought he was just another corporate “shark”, but I quickly let go of my preconception. He delivered his training with a lot of integrity, playfulness and vulnerability. So, I have a huge amount of admiration for him. I thoroughly recommend his courses!

Frederik Chan, Managing partner - CN Consult

Bart enables you to give dynamic presentations and gives your confidence a huge boost. He provides lots of useful tools to get to work with. Highly recommended!

Inge De Vrieze, Projectmanager - OVAM

Taking a course with Bart is a radical, personal experience. He effortlessly responds to questions from participants, gets you to look deep within yourself while providing a proper framework for this process. He manages to get the best out of every individual, whatever their field, in a professional, dedicated way and with integrity.

Lies Martens, Communicatie- en mediatrainer, presentatrice

Bart is a very dedicated, competent coach who delivers training and coaching sessions in a clear, objective way. You definitely gain valuable insights and competencies!

Patrick Houbrechts, Zaakvoerder - Cor Salus en Ad-Visio

Bart gets the best out of you. He is an excellent coach and trainer, because he continues to invest in his own development too. He loves sharing this knowledge, experience and insights with others.

Lieven Buyse, Trainer, Coach & Partner - Expert Academy

During a three-hour course, Bart explained the main insights around Mind Mapping. He clearly demonstrated its usefulness and advantages in a very interactive, enjoyable way. Bart is a real expert and, as a trainer, is able to pass on his knowledge very effectively.

Raf Van Puyvelde, Managing director - 4P square

Bart knows his job: he delivers his training clearly, to the point and with a sense of humour. He has a kind down-to-earthness, which makes taking his courses a very enjoyable experience.

Anja Moortgat, Executive coach, Leadership trainer en spreker - Powervrouwen

Three words that describe Bart? An expert in any course he gives. Driven to deliver results. And an exceptionally nice person to work with.

Steven Luysterborg, Consultant Trainer - Resultact

This course is different from others in several ways: no slides. The case studies used made it clear that this was a safe learning environment. There were no theoretical examples, only real-life scenarios were discussed. The big difference for me was being asked to look for beliefs that would help me understand my own behaviour and that of others better. Bart creates a safe learning environment, provides beautiful visual aids and adapts the pace to the energy levels of the participants.


I liked the true-to-life training scenarios, the incredible empathy. I have no tips for improvement; the training is always interesting, never boring; inspiring courses.


Bart was able to keep me interested during the four days of training, from the very first to the very last minute! My only tip: ‘Gosh, stay true to yourself, great job!’


Most of my praise is for Bart’s passion and desire to ensure his participants take away something from the course.

Wim Cauwelaers, Supervisor Quotations & Technical Training Coordinator

Very well-constructed course, no preprogrammed PPTs but clear illustrations that grow during the explanation, with great use of colour at that. The trainer is very good at engaging and particularly holding the attention of the group during the session. Very knowledgeable about the subject matter. (This may stroke his ego ... but that is my honest opinion :-))

Johan Vandewater,

The Transformational Leadership course has given me the opportunity to reflect carefully on my current leadership approach and make conscious leadership decisions again. After making conscious decisions, you are also given tools to take action based on these conscious decisions and get more out of your leadership and ultimately, yourself and your team.

Klaas-Pieter de Mol, Sr. Manager Customer Service & Projects

Keep delivering your training with motivation and enthusiasm!

Wim De Ridder, Teamleader

This course is different from others because it is very concrete with plenty of room for discussion and input from the participants. The role play with own case studies also provided added value. I would like to compliment the trainer on both his authenticity as a trainer and a person.

Johan Timmermans, Manager Field Service & Technical helpdesk

There are several areas where the course stood out from other courses I have taken, but if I had to name one, it would be the tip to be a little more flexible and bend a bit in a trickier one-to-one conversation, so you can still reach the desired outcome, with less resistance. (Up/down and lateral chunking will also stay with me for a long time :)) Something I found particularly good was the course preparation by the participants, in which the responsibility to develop yourself as a manager was placed very much with the person themselves. A more practical compliment is Bart’s ability to visualise things, which makes it easier to remember the material. I don’t really have any tips for Bart; great job!

Klaas-Pieter de Mol, Sr. Manager Customer Service & Projects

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