With over 25 years’ experience working for a number of different international pharmaceutical companies, Marc Denayer has called in several trainers in his career, mostly in relation to the Drug Safety and Medical Affairs departments, where his employees regularly face a wide variety of challenges. ‘Bart shows them how to tackle these successfully.’

Marc: ‘Over the years, I have used Bart’s services several times now, in different areas: from assertiveness and presentation techniques to negotiating. Always with a few constants. The personal approach, for starters. Instead of rattling his way through a standard course, Bart resolutely chooses to always tailor a course to the specific situation. For example, during the intake interview, he asked detailed questions about what challenges my department was faced with and what goals we wanted to achieve.’

‘Bart is a great listener,’ according to Marc. ‘He invests plenty of time to understand the real issues and in doing so, is able to map the underlying causes. So, he always manages to get down to the root of the problem, define clear objectives and determine the actions needed to achieve them.’

Instantly applicable

‘Using information gathered during intake interviews, Bart set to work and developed a training course. This was tailored to the organisation, so my employees were able to apply the techniques they had learnt within the values and culture of the company. You can tell that Bart is very experienced because he could always answer questions easily, including questions that were not directly related to the course subject, for example.’

‘The courses were not only useful, but also enjoyable to take. With the help of pictures, exercises and music, Bart was able to actively engage employees, even when they were a little bit reserved at the start. Not one boring, endless PowerPoint presentation in sight.’

Concrete support in and outside the workplace

No surprise then that the response to Bart’s training courses was invariably positive. ‘Besides being set clear objectives, my team members were also given advice on how to achieve them. The courses offered concrete support, not just in the workplace, but also privately. In short: Bart delivers training courses with impact.’

In a nutshell

A few years ago, Marc was tasked with a comprehensive project which consisted of developing a new organisation across several continents. ‘This not only involved soft skills but also some strategy, internal processes and procedures. So, I called in a number of independent trainers, including Bart. And even though they didn’t know each other, the collaboration went smoothly. This proved to me that Bart is the consummate professional.’

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