About BrainTrain

BrainTrain provides training courses in soft skills and personal coaching aimed at improving your relationship with yourself and others. We do this in a number of areas: from assertiveness and emotional intelligence to connecting communication. All our training courses are available for groups, but you can also opt for an individual programme via our personal coaching.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Respect for everybody’s life story: we take into account that there are different individuals within a group. After all, everybody is unique: in their fears, but also their beliefs, values and life story.

Our philosophy

Cognitive psychology: a fundamental behavioural change is only possible when it is aligned with your beliefs. That is why we reveal the underlying causes of certain barriers and give you the necessary tools to overcome them. Only by getting to the deeper levels of values can the acquired process be successful.

Our philosophy

Tailor-made courses: at BrainTrain, we don’t deliver one-size-fits-all courses, but rather tailor-made sessions. To help us do this, an introductory meeting is a must. During an intake interview, we examine how to best tailor the training course to the needs and requirements of your company, clients, customers, colleagues etc, both in terms of content and approach. The result? A training course that closely fits in with your reality.

Our approach

We provide training courses and coaching in the broad sense of the term. We always work in a way that is …

  • brain-based: we take the learning requirements of the brain into account. This enables us to adopt different learning styles and working methods, and we resolutely opt for interaction.
  • cost-efficient: we always organise our courses as efficiently as possible. This includes the occasional bit of homework for you, such as answering a few questions in preparation for a session. To optimise the learning outcome, an additional mix of online and offline courses is often recommended. We will help you navigate this.
  • long-term: although a one-off session can already have a positive impact, a full training programme offers the best chance of success. A follow-up session after the actual workshop and various learning stimuli in between really help you get the most out of a course.


"Do you have a question about one of our courses? Want to know more about our approach? Interested in a tailor-made quote (without obligation)? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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