Bart Provost

Master Trainer – Coach

Bart Provost

Conflict Management

Hate conflicts? Prefer looking for ways to avoid arguments altogether? You are absolutely right to, but that means you have to get your opponents on board, while also firmly standing your ground. Perfectly feasible, providing you conquer yourself first.

Recognise these situations?

  • You quickly give in when your opinion is diametrically opposed to your colleague’s.
  • You clam up when someone raises their voice at you.
  • You don’t know how to react when someone answers back or uses power arguments.
  • You avoid conflicts for fear of damaging the relationship.

Then you probably want to achieve this

You are competent at using techniques to resolve conflicts in a relationship-friendly manner and keeping both parties satisfied as much as possible. You have learnt to be aware of the effects of your behaviour and are able to control it effectively. If anyone crosses the line in the heat of the fight, you are able to keep an emotional distance and state your boundaries.

In this course you will learn …

  • why we find conflicts unpleasant
  • the difference between an emotional conflict and conflict of interests
  • why it is better not to go for the content-based solution too quickly
  • strategies to reach a satisfactory solution, both in the short and long term
  • non-violent communication techniques


You can take this course as a company, department, team or even as an individual. Through an intake interview, we will look at how we can gear the course to your needs and requirements optimally, both with regard to content and approach. The result? A course that fits in with your reality. Contact us without obligation for a customised proposal. +32(0)486-85 15 26

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