Bart Provost


Bart Provost

Leadership with Impact

If you, as a manager, want to involve your employees in goal achievement, insight into the impact of your own behaviour is vital. Your team’s development level, ambitions and competencies also play a key role. This course, based on the Impeccable Leadership model, offers a clear insight into this.

Recognise these situations?

  • You want to deliver a strong performance with your team.
  • You notice clear differences in vision, interests and needs among your employees. These sometimes result in teamwork but also create conflicts.
  • You have trouble getting (part of) your team to perform, despite your focus on the interest of the organisation and frantic efforts.
  • Your team members are not committed to achieving set goals or don’t do what you have agreed they would do.
  • The team is underperforming and the exact reason for this is unclear.

Then you probably want to achieve this

Adopting a practical approach, you create a good connection between all your team members, including yourself. You do this by using a well-founded method, not just your gut feeling. You know what conditions have to be met to fully engage your team. This allows you to maximise potential and team commitment.

In this course you will learn …

  • about the different development levels of a team and how these affect performance
  • what roles you have to assume as a manager depending on the situation
  • to gain an insight into your own behaviour as a manager and its impact on your team
  • how to tune into the experiences and needs of your team members in order to generate engagement
  • how to get the best out of every team member geared to the objective
  • different ways to take action with regard to the human complexity in a group and how to transform this
  • to generate collaboration, connection and a feeling of safety in your team
  • how to take your team from ‘results’ to ‘top results’, beyond individual interests


You can take this course as a company, department, team or even as an individual. Through an intake interview, we will look at how we can gear the course to your needs and requirements optimally, both with regard to content and approach. The result? A course that fits in with your reality. Contact us without obligation for a customised proposal. +32(0)486-85 15 27

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