Bart Provost

Master Trainer – Coach

Bart Provost


You feel confident until your assertiveness is challenged. At the first sign of opposition, your heart sinks. Familiar? Probably because you haven’t addressed your areas of resistance or underlying fears at the root yet. That is the starting point of this course. The rest will soon fall into place.

Recognise these situations?

  • You find it hard to stand your ground against someone who is confident that he/she is right.
  • You are afraid of disagreeing with other people for fear of damaging the relationship.
  • You find it hard to persuade others: they dismiss your arguments and rarely listen to you.
  • The people around you see you as a ‘bulldozer’, with the result that conversations often go wrong.

Then you probably want to achieve this

You express your vision and arguments clearly. Someone disagrees? You don’t let yourself be brushed aside; instead, you defend your point of view without throwing around insults. You no longer avoid conflicts – unless you deliberately choose to – and you are able to say a firm, but polite ‘no’.

In this course you will learn …

  • to make a strong impression through your behaviour
  • to communicate your message in a deliberate, confident and effective manner
  • to stand up for yourself and defend your point of view while being respectful towards the other person
  • to take a different look at yourself and your behaviour
  • to unmask the ‘saboteurs of your own thinking’ and transform unhelpful thoughts
  • to see why you keep slipping back into certain patterns: this way, you know what pitfalls to look out for
  • to see communication as a means to connect instead of a source of frustration or hindrance 
  • to value and play to your own strengths


You can take this course as a company, department, team or even as an individual. Through an intake interview, we will look at how we can gear the course to your needs and requirements optimally, both with regard to content and approach. The result? A course that fits in with your reality. Contact us without obligation for a customised proposal. +32(0)486-85 15 26

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