Bart Provost

Master Trainer – Coach

Bart Provost

Emotional Intelligence

We often think that emotions don’t play a role in the workplace. But feelings are an inextricable part of human interactions. After all, they define your communication style considerably. So, it pays to really make them work for you, both when it comes to yourself and others.

Recognise these situations?

  • You occasionally lash out when you feel personally attacked.
  • You sometimes react offended and don’t know where this sudden emotion comes from.
  • You don’t understand some people at all and could really use a ‘manual’.
  • You want to be able to handle the emotions and sensitivities of other people better.
  • You don’t understand why people react emotionally to what you consider trifles.

Then you probably want to achieve this

You understand other people’s emotions and are able to respond to them optimally. What’s more, you recognise your own feelings and where they come from. And, if you do happen to react emotionally, you know how to get yourself on an even keel again.

In this course you will learn …

  • the meaning of emotionally intelligent behaviour
  • what the building blocks of emotional intelligence are
  • where emotions come from, in yourself and others
  • how you can ride emotions – your own and those of other people – to steer a conversation constructively


You can take this course as a company, department, team or even as an individual. Through an intake interview, we will look at how we can gear the course to your needs and requirements optimally, both with regard to content and approach. The result? A course that fits in with your reality. Contact us without obligation for a customised proposal. +32(0)486-85 15 26

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