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Bart Provost

Presentation Skills

A strong opener, the right visual aids and a great connection with the audience. These are just some of the things involved in giving a presentation. Super stressed when presenting to a group? Not getting the desired result? This course teaches you the skills to do this confidently and efficiently.

Recognise these situations?

  • Your heart sinks when you have to give a presentation to a group.
  • You want to say too much in a limited time and don’t know what to choose.
  • You can’t structure your message.
  • You want to give a unique presentation, not just another PowerPoint with an avalanche of slides.
  • You come across wooden and forced, especially when you are tense.
  • You want to be confident when presenting to a group but don’t know how to do this.

Then you probably want to achieve this

You structure your presentation clearly, tailored to the message. During your presentation, you manage to keep your nerves under control and capture the attention of your audience. You have a great connection with the participants, regardless of whether there are two or two hundred of them. Tricky questions don’t stress you out and you achieve the desired result. 

In this course you will learn …

  • to build your presentation in a structured way in keeping with the objectives
  • when and how to use PowerPoint for optimal effect
  • how to create a strong opening for your presentation and capture the attention of the audience
  • to build a good rapport with your audience, regardless of its size
  • to interact with (difficult) participants
  • to keep your nerves under control


You can take this course as a company, department, team or even as an individual. Through an intake interview, we will look at how we can gear the course to your needs and requirements optimally, both with regard to content and approach. The result? A course that fits in with your reality. Contact us without obligation for a customised proposal. +32(0)486-85 15 26

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